September Handicap Race

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September Handicap Results

A record turnout with over40 taking part.
A big thank you to Ceri-anne Davies, Nick Pounder and everyone who helped with the results.

Nick Denny 32.57, Stephen Hanks 34.55, Janet Edwards 39.07, Justin Jones 37.23, Samuel Jody Richards 30.18, Douglas Reid 33.00, Andrew Webberdoon Webber 40,08, Christopher Rothwell 37.49, Nikki Dowell 34.13, Mykey Mouche 41.08, Carl Edwards 37.28, Laurence Pole 33.29, Justin Mark Phillips 32.30, Jason Scanlon, Sara Brooke-Smith 43.08, Billy Hayton 32.48, Stephanie Davies 41.11, Kristie O’Connell 36.17, Simon Pritchard 35.31, Debbie Otley 42.07, Leeann Davies 46.03, Zoe Macdonald 51.06, Claire Cowell-Maksimovic 40.20, Clara Evans 34.56, Darren Bishop 31.46, Kathryn Stoate 46.38, Hannah Fowler 47.58, Laura Pinney 60.00, Dan Bodman, Elaine Ferguson 37.16, Sheryl Rakei 43.51, Paul Graham 35.32, Emzy Mouche 53.05, Bea Lovegrove 47.00,  Dianne Davies 74.35, Bridgette Griffiths 54.00, Clair Houston 66.00, Pam Flanagan 55.00, Laura Kumar 60.00, Gemma Louise Bebb 59.30, Ruth Cochran.

Training For 29th September

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Training sessions for the week starting Monday 29th September

Monday 29th Bargoed Track 6.30pm start
10 to 12 x 300 meter reps with 100 meters recoveries

Tuesday 30th
Beginners meet at bottom of uni playing fields by ATS
6.30pm start session decided on the night

Hopkinstown cricket club
Intermediates 6.30pm start
Dinas Loop

Main Group 7pm start
Dinas Loop

Thursday 2nd October
University playing Fields

Beginners and Intermediates 6.30pm start
1 mile time trial ( anyone from main group can also join in)

Main Group 7pm start
Power station hill reps

Good luck to everyone running this weekend

2014 Reverse 10 Results

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2014 Reverse 10 Result

Thanks to all who competed and administered the race today, please find attached the Reverse 10 Results

August Handicap Race 2014

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August Handicap Results

Congratulations to Sara Brooke-Smith on winning this months Race in 44.30
Jake Brooke-Smith made it a family one two and made a big improvement finishing in 34.54
In third was Sian Khalil 42.57, 4th Pam Flanagan 51.07, Stephanie Davies 5th a two minute PB, 6th Steve Segan a PB of 42.57, 7th Rhian Durham 41.57, 8th Rob Flannagan 40.09, 9th Steve Hooper 33.10, 10th Kathryn Stoate 46.09, 11th Kristie O’Connell 35.51, 12th Phillip George 44.23, 13th Geoff Jones 37.24, 14th Laurence Pole 33.34, 15th Neil Williams 37.13, Adam Thomas Bebb 16th 38.49, Samuel Jody Richards 17th 31.29, Carl Edwards 18th 37.30Leeann Davies 19th 46.33, Neil Fizgerald 20th 3929, Hannah Fowler 21st 48.04, Sheryl Rakei 22nd 42.49, Bridgette Griffiths 23rd 50.15, Louise Bancroft- Graham 24th 50.15, Chris Rothwell 25th 38.41, Jayne A Jones 26th 53.42, Douglas Reid 27th 34.39, Nick Pounder 28th 39.22, Ruth Cochran 29th 55.29, Justin Jones 30th 41.15.31st Lee Richards 40.19

Reverse 10 31st August 2014

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Race Information

Everything is now in place for this years race, as usual we will need club members to marshal the race, if your available please let us know.