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There were 359 finishers and we had four Roadents taking part. Richard Day 117th 2-42-55, Fiona Davies 185th 2-56-24 and 1st Vet 55, Debbie Otley and Ceri-Anne Davies ran together, Deb was hoping to […]

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There was a good turn out on a beautiful morning, with 387 finishers we had 7 Roadents taking part. A good effort by everyone on this tough 10k. Peter Coles 5th in 34.23 2nd Vet 40, (Daniel […]

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 2012Salisbury10 There were 575 finishers and we had one Roadent taking part. Brian Gough 212th in 73.33 1st Vet 70 Another quality run from Brian taking the Vet 70 prize.

Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk

If anybody’s time is slightly out, please accept my apologies but  I had to amend everybody start time in my head on the night . This months race was much more competetive with the majority of […]