2020 Handicap Race’s

January Race
Congratulations to Tim Davies on winning this months Handicap Race in 38.50.
In 2nd place was Iestyn Henson 39.59, 3rd Daniel Thrift 31.57, 4th Nick Pounder 41.53, 5th Olivia Murray 40.53, 6th Samuel Glynn 32.40, 7th Daniel Phillips 33.07, 8th Mike Smith 42.06, 9th Fiona Davies 43.18, 10th Philip J Williams 34.06, 11th William Denny 36.45, 12th Gwyn Lloyd 43.51, 13th Laurence Pole 35.29, 14th Nick Santos 35.49, 15th Carol Roughley 63.06, Liz Elizabeth Henson 63.06 and Laura McCarthy 63.06 both running with Carol on her first Handicap Race.

Other first timers were Martin Green 48.09 and James Taylor 48.09

Also running was Peter Howell 42.11