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December Results Congratulations to Laurence Pole on winning our December handicap race in a time of 33.48 In second place after a last mile battle with Laurence was Peter Coles in a time of 32.44, […]

Buy Somatropin

        December Handicap Race Results 1st Angela Lewis 45.19, 2nd Robert Davies 31.30, 3rd Iestyn Henson 37.16, 4th Peter Coles 32.07, 5th Rhodri Evans 37.14, 6th Fiona Davies 40.10, 7th Daniel Phillips […]

Buy Xanax Valium Online

December Handicap Race Congratulations to Samuel Jody Richards on winning this months Handicap Race in a time of 31.01, in 2nd place Gwyn Lloyd wine 3rd Steve Hooper 35.04 wine, 4th Jim Murray 35.24, 5th […]

Soma 350Mg

Club Handicap Results December 2016 1. Neil Brooke-Smith 33:57 2. Samuel Jody Richards 28:34 3. Sam Howell-Jones 35:31 4. Paul Graham 28:28 5. Hywel Morgan 36:29 6. Keith James 31:36 7. Darren Bishop 29.26 8. […]