Handicap Results 2013

Hadicap 2013 Here are the Results so far, remember this year it’s your best 6 lowest finishing positions that will count. You may have to click the link twice before it opens.

February Handicap 2012

A good turn out with 26 taking part There were some fine performances Nick Pounder won the race with a new PB, Kyle Davies has now moved into the elite category improving yet again with […]

Final Handicap Race Standings 2012

The top fiveĀ standings after eight races this year are: Stephanie Davie-71pts Nick Pounder-66pts Catrin Davies-53pts joint 3rd Alex Sebury-53pts joint 3rd Phil Meyler-51pts Peter Coles-50pts The three top racers were Justin Jones-Nick Pounder-Peter Coles who […]