Handicap Race May 2012

Our next Handicap race will be on Thursday 17th May. Times have again been adjusted after last month. Remember every position counts towards your final points total.

Handicap Results For April 2012

Handicap Race Times 2012 Well done to Ceri-Anne Davies who won this months Race. 15pts Ceri-Anne Davies 35.55, 14pts Jan Edwards 39.15, 13pts Alex 37.36, 12pts Nick Frost 30.06, 11pts Stephanie Davies 43.29, 10pts Peter Coles […]

February handicap results

elaine sutherland 46.54, steph davies 45.50, andy dunscombe 42.50, debbie otley 42.31,lee sutherland 41.29, jan edwards 41.26, kristy 39.24, finoa davies 39.17, andy davies 39.15, brian gough 38.53, rob ford 38.47, carl edwards 38.44, will […]