– Club Championship Rules

Pontypridd Roadents Club Championship 2011


There is a change to the Club Championship from now on, the race season will begin in November and finish at the end of October from now on, to enable the presentation to take place in the Christmas Party.


There will now be 2 Divisions , Divisions A and Division B..


Men – Division A is for runners who can complete a 10km race in under 40 minutes. 

Men – Division B is for runners who can complete a 10km race in over 40 minutes.


Ladies – Division A is for runners who can complete a 10km race in under 46 minutes.

Ladies – Division B is for runners who can complete a 10km race in over 46 minutes.




There will be an overall champion, runner up and third place (male and female) in each

Division, to be included you must have competed in each category listed below.



The Races that count will be as follows


2  5km races


3  Short Races (3,4 or 5 mile race)


3  10 km race


1  8 or 10 mile race


1  half marathon



To work out who has won the Championship, it will be based on the existing points system.

In each category there are bonus points available as long as you can beat last years time for the same race, these will be added to your total.



There is also a separate championship for off road races, for which there will be a male and female winner, but this category will not count towards the overall Championship.The best 4 races results will be used to work out your points.



The overall Champion will be the runner, who proves that they are capable of running at a high standard in all of the above categories.


These races and the revised format of the Championship, are selected by the Club Championship Organiser and approved by the Committee. The races selected try to create a wide range of competition amongst club members, over a variety of distances and terrain and to encourage Roadents to participate in local races without creating a demanding racing schedule.


Please find below an explanation of how the points are allocated for this years Club championship.





When I work out the point’s, only paid up members of the club will be taken into account. If membership is renewed after the 1st April, any races run before that date will not be included.

The breakdown of how point’s are gained, is as follow’s:-


1.  5 points to every runner who starts and finishes a race.


2 . Points awarded respective of club finishing position, i.e. if 11 men run, the 1st runner gets 11 points, 2nd runner gets 10 points, 11th man gets 1 point. If there are less than 10 club entrants, the scoring still starts at 10 points. The same counts for the women


3.  Additional points awarded relative to overall position in race as follows:


Winning race = 15 points

Top 10%      = 10 points

11% – 20%    = 9 points

21% – 30%    = 8 points

31% – 40%    = 7 points

41% – 50%    = 6 points

51% – 60%    = 5 points

61% – 70%    = 4 points

71% – 80%    = 3 points

81% – 90%    = 2 points

91% – 100%  = 3 points


4.  5 bonus points for beating last years time, for the same race, but only if the race is run on the same course, (this will need to be confirmed by the official time off the web site).                       

Andrew Baker – Club Championship Secretary (Any questions catch me on a training night)